Monday, February 18, 2019
By Ashley  Buck
2019 Design Forecast. What Is In and What Is Out?

2019 Design Forecast: What's In and What's Out?

Guest Blogger: Kelsey Comyack


As someone who is currently looking at designs for a new home and trying to find middle ground with my significant other on country cabin or farmhouse chic, I can tell you it is overwhelming. Designing your new, or first, home is something I have been dreaming and pinning about since college.  While I have spent hours looking at designs and colors, the last thing I thought about was “what styles does my partner like?” Not to mention thinking that my taste is trendy, ahead of the curve, and just plain correct. But just as fashion changes in an instant so can home designs. Because let’s face it, we all knew popcorn ceilings were out before they were ever in. 

So what can you expect to see in magazines, Pinterest, and on HGTV? Let's discuss!

As we move forward in this technology-driven world, it should come as no surprise that technology is becoming less about mechanics and more about fashion.  Having the latest technology or a ton of gadgets in your home shows how trendy and on point you are.  Home technology is also all about simplicity, if you can tell Alexa or Cornada to turn your lights or the tv on versus walking across the room why wouldn’t you? It’s easy and to be honest, pretty fun.   

While our world is rapidly demanding tech and futuristic design, there are still those wanting an escape. On the totally opposite side of the spectrum is the organic calming design. Looking to soft sheer fabrics and colors along with sharp clean edges to keep a modern but meditating feel. Think simple, neutrals, and organization. This design will be much more zen than a beach relaxing vibe. 

One trend holding strong to its popularity is the industrial style.  Combining metal tones, light wood with white and blue accents creates a beautifully fresh look, especially in the kitchen. Stick to your blue-gray colors for the bases like islands and cabinets while opting for coppers, silver and matte black for appliances.  Adding a white wall, especially with brick for dimension, allows the room to brighten no matter the weather.  Finish with light wood countertops and beams, and you’ll have a kitchen the whole neighborhood will love!

Another design that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon is the organic earthy style. Plants, animal print (faux for those animal lovers), deep rich browns, greens, and grays paired with wood and neutrals will provide a down to earth cozy feel. For those who prefer comfort and being close to the outdoors this is the design for you! 


So what’s out this year? Rustic designs are being blended with metals for that modern twist on an industrial style, but the “my house looks like a barn” look is most definitely not on trend anymore. Bold colors are also being pushed to the sideline to make room for the blues and earth tones for a more subtle and fresh feel.


No matter the trend, as long as you make your new house feel like home you can’t really go wrong.



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