Monday, December 3, 2018
By Kelsey Comyack
3 Killer DIY Projects

3 Killer DIY Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Value


guest blogger: Erick Campbell

Many homeowners have a list of projects that they want to pull off. It may take some time and planning, but doing a small few upgrades can add value to any home. Of course, do the ones that are easier to do and the ones that will add the fastest return value to your home. Real estate managers and interior stylists have stated there can be up to a 16% increase in the value of a home if the owner is willing to refresh and or restyle even the smallest details around the house. 
Some projects can be too expensive, or you may need a professional like a carpenter or an electrician which can cost even more and some tasks could go out of style sooner rather than later. But everyone can agree thinking a little creatively, getting the toolbox including top scroll
saw out can do wonders for the value of the home, especially if you are either in the market to sell or in the foreseeable future. 

The selling of a home is a stressful time in anyone's life. Your home must stand out more than the rest of the neighborhood and just because you like what you did with your home, does not mean buyers will. Buyers want to move into a house where they do not have to make a lot of changes too soon. Make your home sparkle and a one of a kind with upgrading these three areas. 

1. Bathroom Facelift 

You know it, your family and friends know it, the bathroom looks worn and tired from all its' uses by all the people that have visited your home. The lighting is terrible, the shower and bath look outdated, and all the small fixtures are old school. There is no need to gut the whole bathroom to make a new and improved statement. Little simple things like replacing all the fixtures like the toilet paper holder, towel and washcloth rods can do wonders. If it is not too much trouble, replace the bathroom faucet, and if you know how to do it, replace the sink as well. Swap the bathroom lights for a new set over the mirror. Small pieces can bring a whole modern bathroom into the light and seem much newer with minimal effort. 
2. Kitchen Upgrade 

One of the most used rooms in any house is the kitchen. Kitchen upgrades can be simpler than people genuinely think. You can create a backsplash behind the cabinets; it looks more modern and does not have to be an expensive or difficult project to do by yourself. If you have wooden cabinets a smooth and straightforward paint job can brighten them up. Just screw them off, then paint and dry. Pick a color that would highlight the backsplash, and you have a double wow. If the fixtures in the kitchen also need replacing this would be a great time; you can do the sink faucet and any paper towel racks. If your kitchen happens to have room for it on the wall, installing a shelf or two can open the kitchen and look more livable; it also can provide a bit more storage to either a small or cramped kitchen. 

3. Laundry Room 

Not a lot of time is spent in the laundry room, even though everyone does laundry at least once a week. Ergo, make it so that it is easier to do in an aesthetically pleasing place. Either buy or build a washer and dryer pedestal. This simple literal lift to the appliances add more room and can be painted with cute words to make it adorable in the home and quite inviting. If your machines are in a closet rather than a room, space is vital, and you will need more of it. Install a shelf or multiple shelves to give more laundry space or just extra storage. If the area will allow it, boosting the effectiveness of any laundry room by adding a laundry room vanity. These can be small or large and look like the perfect place to do all the habitant's dirty clothes. 

Marking those DIY assignments complete feels good, and you may enjoy certain parts of your house again. Not only will your house look much better overall, but you have just found a cheaper and easier way to increase the value in your home for the next buyer. You never know what small features you upgraded and or built that made the buyer of your home genuinely want yours. 


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