Thursday, July 4, 2019
By Ashley  Buck
4 Reasons to Call Pest Control Before You Start Living in a New House

4 Reasons to Call Pest Control Before You Start Living in a New House

Guest Blogger: Ron Wolf

There aren’t many things more exciting than moving into a new home. It can be a complete and refreshing change - new scenery, picking some new decorations and furniture. But we all know that this change can also hold some unpleasant surprises, and the worst among them is definitely pest infestation. It is not something you can see right away, so it’s mandatory to call professionals who will make sure there’s none. 

Carelessness, hurry, or a tight budget can easily push you toward skipping this step, but you need to be aware that pest control is extremely important when it comes to the safety of your family. Many people simply don’t believe it could happen to them, but the truth is that rodents and pests are actually very common in houses, especially if you’re moving to the middle of some busy city. 


It Always Has The Potential to Become a Big Deal

Many tend to think that one rat or a tiny cockroach going in and out of your home is not a big deal, but many also don’t think about that the infestation of these pests can rapidly increase. Since rodents and bugs multiply extremely quick the infestation could become a full-blown one in just a few months. After you move in you bring food smell and warm air with you, and those are the things that make the environment more comfortable for pests, attracting them further. 


Ignorance Can Lead to Serious Health Problems

When people decide to continue living in a pest-infested environment, they usually don’t realize the amount of risk for their health, which ranges from infections to diseases. First of all, rodents can easily get the water contaminated and fatal for every member of your family, including pets. Secondly, if certain pests are present in your home they can trigger allergies or asthma. There are countless examples where roaches triggered an allergic reaction or even an asthma attack. The bite of some pests can easily make you develop a fever or cause a skin rash. A bite from an ordinary bedbug can cause both. 


From Food And Books to Construction Damage

Food grains are a favorite place for pests to nest, and they also love to feed on books in your library. But, as their numbers can quickly increase, so can the damage to your property. Besides food and books, they can ruin your indoor plants, your clothes, your furniture. And if you’ve entered into a home that has a termite infestation things can get much, much worse. We all know they have the ability to eat wood structure and they won’t choose between your tables, dressers, or bed frames. Since they don’t eat alone but always in colonies which can contain up to one million termites, they can easily eat through the wood until the very structure or foundation of your home is completely damaged and in need of major repairs. Besides the fact that it’s huge damage to your wallet, it’s also a serious threat to the safety of your family, so it would be wise to call in professionals who do both building and pest inspections services so they can asses the construction damage as well. 


Out of Sight & Extremely Resistant

Maybe you’ve heard your area generally has no termite infestations, but the truth is you can never know if they’ve set up a shop inside or around your home. You’ve seen how a full-blown colony can easily cause a several thousand dollars of damage, while termite inspection is only a few tens of dollars. 

Roaches are equally tricky - the problem is usually very serious at the point where you notice the infestation. The messy interior is not an indicator since it’s enough for one or two roaches to have snuck in at some point, and they can enter in a load of groceries completely unseen. If you try to treat the infestation yourself with products from your local store there is a great probability that they’ll become immune very quickly since their ability to become resistant to various pesticide products is unbelievable. Up to the point when you realize that you need a pest control service company, the complete elimination of infestation might need multiple treatments.

Rodents are usually easier to spot, but they’re also able to hide until their population grows. The tell-tale signs of mouse or rat infestation require experienced eyes. Furthermore, in order to choose the best method of elimination, you need to know exactly which species are invading your home. The problem with simple trapping is that mice might ignore the bate in which local rats are interested in and vice versa and this trial-and-error technique can give them just enough time to multiply.

As you can see, small numbers can easily become a full-blown infestation. Ignoring them could put your health, belongings, and even the whole construction of your house at risk. In most cases when you spot the infestation the damage is already there, and treating it yourself can make the pests even more resistant. 



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