Thursday, December 13, 2018
By Ashley  Buck
4 Tips To Help Move Into a New Home with Mobility Changes


Moving Into a New Home with Mobility Changes


guest blogger: Erik Hill

Suffering a debilitating injury can change your life. After you’ve gotten surgery and completed other aspects of your treatment, adjusting to a new routine and creating a “new normal” for yourself can be one of the most difficult adjustments you ever make. You might find your current home can’t accommodate your physical limitations and determine that you need to move.


If you’re working with a personal injury lawyer in Lexington, ask him or her to recommend a real estate agent who can help you find your ideal home. Lawyers have extensive professional networks, and it’s quite likely your lawyer’s network includes at least one real estate agent.


Decide Whether to Get a Move-in Ready Home or One you can Renovate


Before you start working with a real estate agent, ballpark some numbers for what you can afford to put into a new home. By doing this, you can determine whether you can afford to buy a house that can be remodeled to fit your needs or if you’re limited to move-in ready properties. Keep in mind that you have lots of financing options that can potentially make certain houses affordable, like using a 203k loan to fund a house’s renovations or help from Rebuilding Together.


Another issue to consider when you’re weighing move-in ready vs. renovations is time. Do you have to be out of your current home by a specific date, or do you have the luxury of waiting until renovations are complete to move in?


Accessibility Adaptations you Might Need


Your doctor can recommend specific adaptations you’ll need to bring into your new home to make it usable for you. Potential adaptations you might need include:


- A walk-in bathtub;   

- A stairlift;   

- Outdoor or indoor wheelchair ramps;   

- Lowered countertops;   

- Sound-activated lights;   

- Disability-friendly flooring; and        

- Redirected lighting to cut down on glare.    


Consider the Outside and Inside Parts of Each Property


Even a home that’s perfect inside could be on a property that’s inaccessible to you because of your injury. When you’re looking at prospective new homes, look carefully not just at each home’s interior, but at its exterior features. A steep driveway or an entrance that will require you to climb lots of steps can make a house very expensive, perhaps prohibitively so, to renovate to fit your needs.


Discuss your Needs in Detail with your Real Estate Agent


During your first meeting with a real estate agent, tell him or her everything about your condition that you feel is relevant to your house search. The more information your real estate agent has about your needs and limitations, the better equipped he or she is to help you find your ideal home. Your real estate agent might even have suggestions for home adaptations, financing options and even communities that you hadn’t considered or didn’t know existed. You deserve a home that fits your needs and your real estate agent can help you buy it.



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