Monday, December 10, 2018
By Ashley  Buck
7 Easy Updates to Make Your Home Cozier This Winter

Tips to Making your Home Cozier this Winter


guest blogger: Talia Spero


During the fall and winter seasons, we all want our homes to feel cozier. It’s a time for candles and soft fabrics and being with the ones we love; but also making sure your home is as warm as possible. So, how do you create a cozier ambiance in your home? There are some simple decorating tricks that can give your home a warmer, more relaxing vibe that will make you sink right into the winter spirit. Here are decorating tips to make your home feel cozier for the season – or any time of year, for that matter: Get you and your home ready for the winter season with a few of these easy design ideas, home maintenance to-dos and quick projects to keep your house feeling sunny, comfortable, and welcoming to guests. Let it snow! We’ve got you covered!


A Functional, Welcoming Mat


Starting from the very front of your home, replace or check your current doormat to make sure it’s ready for the cold, winter season. Your welcome mat will ensure that your guests won’t slip on your front porch, track in snow from outside, and it’s a great decorative touch!


Soft Textiles


Nothing says “cozy” like something soft to cuddle up to. Even from an aesthetic standpoint, soft textiles like pillows, throws, and rugs can instantly give a space a more comfortable vibe. Add extra accent pillows to your sofa or bed, drape a throw over the arm of a chair, and place a plush area rug down to define the space.


Brighten Rooms with Color


A bright pillow or vibrant wall color will keep your home’s rooms cheerful even when it’s dark, cold, and gray outside. If adding color makes you nervous just remember to carry colors throughout your home. One room’s wall color can be another room’s accent color with a pillow or vase.


Home Update: Add a Mudroom


A mudroom is a first-line of defense against winter slush and mud. It provides much needed storage for your huge winter jackets and extra layers of warm winter clothes; it also gives your kids a place to shake off the ice attached to them after a day in the snow. If adding an additional room to your home is out of the question, dedicate a small area of your laundry room for this space!  


Use Curtains to Eliminate Drafts


Other soft textiles to take advantage of are curtains. A room with curtains instantly looks more “finished” than one without them, and they also soften the space to make it feel more luxurious and intimate.


Complete Outdoor Repairs


Whether it’s a leaky roof spot or drafty windows, now is the time to patch or replace old elements that no longer keep air and moisture out. Having a warm home during the winter will only make you more comfortable.


Prepare for Fireplace Maintenance


If your home has a fireplace, start preparing to use it during the fall months with a chimney sweeper. This will prevent chimney fires and eliminate buildup so you can have cozy fires in the winter. If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, be sure to collect relaxing scented candles such as vanilla, cinnamon to add to the ambiance.




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