Monday, October 29, 2018
By Kelsey Comyack
A Safe Halloween

How to Prepare your Home for a Safe Halloween


Goblins, ghosts, and ghouls..oh my!  Whether you are bundling up in the brisk cold of the north or stretching out those summer-like days in the south, there is no denying the holiday season is upon us. It won’t be long until you’re greeted by little superhero’s and witches at your door shouting, “Happy Halloween!” October 31st is always filled with fun, candy, and spooks, but the real festivities start the day before for some Halloween loving fans.  Now is the time to start preparing for this exciting holiday and make your home safe for trick or treaters, as well as those Mischief Night rebels on October 30th. Here are some ideas to get you started!


Mischief Night

Depending on your town, city, or neighborhood your house may be spared from the silly but sometimes destructive festivities of this part of Halloween culture. Some typically tricks are toliet paper in the trees, eggs on cars, plastic forks stuck in the yard, or silly string any and everywhere. While not all of the mischief can be prevented, there are ways you can protect your home!  Keeping your cars in a garage is a safe bet. Kids out on this night don't want an easy target, so leaving your car outside may seem like an invitation. 

Staying in that night is probably your best bet! You'll be able to keep an eye out for any sneaky kids. While most pranks are harmless, the clean up is never fun or easy. Keep in mind this night is all in good fun, but if a prank goes too far you want to have a plan to avoid paying for damages you did not cause.

Halloween Night


This day in age allergies are parents number one fear. To prevent any lawsuits but still helps spread Halloween cheer, displaying a teal or turquoise pumpkin on your porch or door signifies that you have candy alternative treats! Now this means you must actually have alternatives to hand out. Things like small coloring books, non-choking hazard toys (think McDonald's Kids meal), bubbles, etc.  Doing just a few minutes of internet searching will help spark some ideas.

Clear walkway

Trick-or-treaters are too busy counting candy to pay close attention to where they are walking, so it’s critical to analyze your yard for potential trip and slip hazards. Be sure your yard is free of tripping hazards like sprinklers or decorations that may cause someone to trip, and clear your walkway from loose gravel. If you live in a warmer climate even in the month of October, be sure to turn your irrigation system off well in advance so your lawn and walkway have a chance to dry. 

Avoid using Candles as decorations 

While a glowing jack-o-lantern makes your home festive and warm, using a candle to illuminate a pumpkin can be dangerous. Costumes and paper decorations can easily catch on fire. Instead of a traditional candle, use one powered by batteries instead. 

Secure railings 

Young children, and the adults who often accompany them, will need the support of your railing while walking up the stairs to your front door. If you’ve been putting off fixing that rickety railing, it’s time to repair it before the big night.

Contain your pets

Barking dogs not only scare trick-or-treaters of every age away, they also present danger. If your dog breaks away from your home, although he might not bite, he could knock down any smaller children. Keep your pets securely confined inside of your home or behind a gate away from your front door. Just until the hustle and bustle of the night has passed!

Use discretion when opening the door 

While nearly all trick-or-treaters are innocent kids out to collect as much candy as possible, you must still be cautious of whom you open the door for. If you have an uneasy feeling about the person approaching your door, don’t open it! Unfortunately, this is a convenient time for dangerous people to approach your home. 


Halloween has a reputation to be a frightening holiday, but that doesn’t mean it should be dangerous. Use these tips to keep trick-or-treaters and your family safe! 


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