Monday, December 31, 2018
By Ashley  Buck
A Year In Review At Jeff Cook Real Estate for 2018

A Year in Review at Jeff Cook Real Estate

Guest Blogger: Kelsey Comyack 


     With 2018 coming to an end, there is so much to look back on at Jeff Cook Real Estate. The first half of the year started with new beginnings for Greenville and Columbia, South Carolina. Jeff Cook took his real estate expertise west of the Carolina shores to help bring more families their forever homes and teach people the success in having a real estate career. Expanding his reach was just the start to all of the changes Jeff and his company accomplished.

     With any expansion, creating the right image and brand for a company is key to making the desired impact.  Jeff has been known in the Charleston area for his whimsical and imaginative marketing and his family focused culture which he shares openly.  Opening offices in new areas where one may not be known at all is always a risk.  Jeff, being a smart experienced businessman, knew that his key to success would be taking a bit of the old Jeff and melding it with the new Jeff.  From this tactic came the decision to rebrand the company.  While the core values on which his company was built remained, it was decided that some refinement was needed to show other cities that he means business.

     Changing company colors may not have seen like a major impact, but with the new teal and midnight blue the once home symbol is now compared to more of a shield. From this comes a great promise to lead and serve customers through communication and integrity. Jeff has built his business around respect for clients and the commitment to deliver the best home-buying experience possible allowing the team to thrive in the housing industry and the local community.

     When it comes to the community, Jeff is no stranger to the art of giving. By year’s end, his Jeff Cook Cares program will have donated over $250,000 to a variety of Lowcountry charities and causes within just the two years of existence. He has been able to do this through setting aside one percent of every sales transaction for that purpose. Jeff Cook Real Estate has already served over 1,050 families in 2018 in the home buying or selling process and now holds a team of 140 agents. This large-scale team has also allowed the company to give back to their clients through fun and meaningful events. Each year they sponsor a RiverDogs baseball game, yet 2018 showed a record-breaking attendance with more than 1,000 tickets provided and used at this summer’s game. Clearly, his generosity is appreciated and well received. The other major event the company hosts is a Thanksgiving Pie Day.  All past clients had the opportunity to receive a free pie for their thanksgiving table.  This year, around 500 pies were distributed to families within all three locations Jeff Cook Real Estate resides.

     As the Jeff Cook Real Estate company looks to 2019 and the future, skies the limit. Further expansion with new offices is always a possibility. As for the generosity Jeff and the company constantly displays to the community and clients, that is only going to grow. New projects are being developed to not only give back to the community, but to also bring in an eco-friendly factor.  Be on the look out for those whimsical billboards to make their appearance in a brand-new way! Past and current clients can also look forward to a Jeff Cook Real Estate sponsored Stingrays game within the new year. 


If 2018 has shown us anything, it is that there is no limit to what Jeff and his company are capable of!



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