Thursday, November 1, 2018
By Kelsey Comyack
Being Your Own Interior Designer

Being Your Own Interior Designer

Once you’ve finally tied up all of the loose ends of purchasing your new home, it’s time to get started on creating an interior aesthetic that fits your style! With the endless access that we have to the internet and social media today, becoming your own interior designer is very attainable by simply doing some research on different interior design styles. Since you’ve probably had enough on your plate with the whirlwind of purchasing a new home, here’s a compiled list of how to achieve some of the most popular decorating styles.

Modern- To achieve a modern design style for your home, it is important to keep in mind that modern can be an umbrella style that consists of many different interpretations. Overall, modern style has very clean and defined lines, with a very neutral color palette. Modern style displays a sleek simplicity, which offers an open and neat feel. Modern style can be interchangeably considered a minimalist style, as it achieves a less is more type of decorating. 

Vintage- To create a vintage style in your new home, you have to be willing to be bold with your decor. Vintage design encompasses a mix of collected pieces of furniture mixed with bold colors. Typical vintage colors include different shades of yellow, blue, green, and orange. You can use a blend of old and new decorations to marry your home’s vintage style. The ideal vintage merges old and new elements of decor and furniture. 

Industrial- Industrial design works to incorporate a style of unfinished completion with a loft feel in mind. It usually mixes wood and metal elements with exposed structural items like, wood, brick, and metalwork. Abstract decorations and a neutral color scheme can contribute to achieving an industrial feel. Abstract decorations, such as metal end tables or stools are great for an industrial themed house.

Rustic- A rustic style is based upon very natural components. It usually will include wood and stone architectural elements, such as reclaimed wood floors and a stone fireplace. A rustic color palette typically has neutral and earthy colors, like beige, sand, and gray. Wooden doors or wood beams on the ceiling are also common in a rustic style home. Since rustic styles are traditionally very natural, fresh flowers are a great simple piece of decor!

Coastal- To create a coastal feel in your home, it is important to try to achieve a light, and airy source of decor. Coastal style typically has white or very light gray wall colors paired with cool blue and green accents. White painted wood is very popular in a coastal style home and pairs well with wicker style furniture. A coastal style gives very simple and uncluttered feel, with the goal of creating a relaxed environment.

Aside from these structured styles, there are many in-between versions that incorporate a variaty of these elements. For example, on one hand there are very simply decorated homes that do not display one common style, and on the other there are more traditional style homes that display an array of classic elements, such as a grand fireplace with statement furniture. These styles can be followed very strictly, to create a home with a very distinguished feel, or they can be followed loosely, by adding your own interpretation to them. When researching different designs, these designs are simple to find inspiration and decorations for. For instance, most home furnishing stores have specific areas dedicated to these types of styles. You may wish to decorate just one single room with one of these styles or you may wish to keep a consistent theme throughout your entire house. That’s the beauty of being your own interior designer, your decisions are totally up to you. Hopefully, these descriptions can serve as a reference for you when decorating your new home! 

Happy Designing! 



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