Thursday, September 20, 2018
By Kelsey Comyack
Best Charleston Public Schools

Which Charleston Areas Have the Best Public Schools?


guest blogger: Talia Spero


    If appreciation and resale value are important factors in your next home purchase, you should certainly compare public schools for the areas that you’re considering. A lot of the time public schools affect real estate values, and this trend should matter whether you have school-aged children or not. In short, homes that are zoned for better public schools tend to perform better as real estate investments. 

So, where are the best public schools in Charleston, SC? Let’s first take a look at public schools that don’t require applications or waiting lists. Students gain admission by simply living in the surrounding neighborhoods. 

James Island, and Summerville are Zoned for the Best Schools 

The James Island real estate market is also strongly supported by good public schools. Parents enjoy the smaller student enrollment numbers and the recent building renovations and construction on the island. Students apply all over Charleston to attend, but all James Island residents are automatically zoned for it. The IB (International Baccalaureate) program is optional and allows students to focus on humanities, math/science, or a combination of both. Statically, students with an IB diploma perform better in college compared to students taking other advanced programs. 

If you’re willing to live further inland, you’ll get a lot more house for the money in Summerville. 
Plus, the Dorchester District Two schools overall are some of the best in the Charleston metro area. With three high schools, this district is one of the fastest growing in South Carolina. You’ll find several brand new facilities as well as major renovations and expansions to accommodate an increasing number of students. Not all homes in Summerville are zoned specifically for Dorchester District Two, so it’s important to verify this information before you purchase a home. Of the three areas listed, Summerville has more of a range when it comes to school rankings and reviews. For example, Rolling’s Middle School of the Arts tends to perform extremely well, while Fort Dorchester High School sees more average scores. With any school and any area, it’s important for home buyers to look at district websites and read reviews from parents. 

Two of the Best High Schools in Charleston are Magnet

Magnet schools require students to apply, so admission is not guaranteed. Assumingly, it is more of a comforting feeling to know that your child will be automatically enrolled in a school if you live in a home that is zoned for schools you want. If your kids apply to the highly ranking magnet schools and get in, that’s fantastic! It’s just icing on the cake! However, there is less pressure for them to get admitted if there is a good public neighborhood school as a backup.


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