Monday, August 27, 2018
By Kelsey Comyack
Best Organization Tips for School Success

The Best Organization Tips to Start the School Year Off Right

guest blogger: Talia Spero
Keeping your kids organized when they go back to school can be hard work! Between homework, student activities, and the endless amount of paperwork that comes with the first week of school, it can become disorganized and cluttered really quickly. These back to school organization ideas and year-round school organization ideas are brilliant and will make your life and more importantly, your kids’ lives so much easier!
1.      DIY Dry Erase Checklist
Do your kids have trouble remembering their daily tasks? Make it easy for them with a dry erase checklist! Having a checklist will allow your kids to learn simple time management skills but will also keep them motivated to complete their daily tasks.
2.      School Command Center
Are school supplies scattered around your house? Combat the clutter by creating a specific area to hold all your kids’ school supplies. If you are fortunate enough to have an empty kitchen cabinet or storage closet, dedicate this space to all things “school supplies”.
3.      Homework Caddy
The sound of a personal homework caddy with all of your child’s favorite school supplies may just motivate them to get their homework done! Using a caddy is also another way to keep supplies organized and in one place. Plus, having a caddy makes it easy to transport your kids’ school supplies wherever you go.
4.      Clothes Organization System
Make your mornings go by a little smoother by sorting your kids’ clothes by day of the week. You can do this on Sunday’s and have your child’s favorite outfits organized for the whole week. One great tip to make going to school a little easier and a little less of a fight.
5.      “Need to Sign” All in One Place
Do your kids come home and unload a stack of papers that need to be signed on the kitchen counter? And then they got lost in clutter from the day? Eliminate the stress of losing important papers by creating a designated “Need to be signed” organization station. A magazine holder is a such a great way to do this and they are super cheap!


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