Monday, May 13, 2019
By Ashley  Buck
Can We Really Guarantee an Offer On Your Home in 72 Hours?

Can We Really Guarantee an Offer On Your Home in 72 Hours?

Last month we had a few fun billboards up that were a spin-off of The Price is Right and Game of Thrones! We always have fun coming up with and creating these and we hope you enjoy seeing them! This month we have a billboard going up that claims we can get you a guaranteed offer within 72 hours! We’re sure you’re thinking how is this possible so if you’re curious, keep reading! 

Here at Jeff Cook Real Estate, we are able to help all types of home sellers. Some sellers need to sell their home super fast while others have a timeframe in mind a few months down the road. It is all about timing in real estate, but we have a process in place that works all year round!

Our marketing pulls in thousands of leads each month which means whenever you are ready to put your house on the market, we have potential buyers ready and eager to buy your home!! Because we have the potential buyers in waiting, this means we are able to get you an offer on your home within 72 hours! We guarantee it! 


We know that this may seem impossible but just imagine this for a minute. 

*enter dream sequence*

You decide to list your home with Jeff Cook Real Estate. You find the perfect agent who helps you list your home at the right price, helps create a home selling strategy that includes marketing your home and possibly an open house! Within 72 hours you have an offer on your home! You close on your home and you’re able to find your DREAM HOME faster than you ever thought.

*exit dream sequence*

That isn’t a dream, it could be a reality! If you’re ready to get an offer on your house within 72 hours, call 855-HEY-JEFF today to get your free home consultation!



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