Thursday, February 14, 2019
By Ashley  Buck
Everything You Need to Know When Moving to South Carolina

Everything You Need to Know When Moving to South Carolina

Guest Blogger: Kelsey Comyack


As someone who has pretty recently made the move to South Carolina, I can tell you moving to a new state, in general, is a huge feat!  I greatly underestimated many aspects.  I have since been living in Charleston for one year and it has been a roller coaster of adventures!  South Carolina is unlike any state or area I have lived in before and it comes with its own unique charms, as well as flaws.  No place is perfect, but finding the right place for you to call home is what is most important. This coastal yet country state is one of those places that people from all of the country are able to find a part to call home.  So as a recent transplant to the Carolina area, I’m here to offer some free advice and hopefully a successful guide to help you make the move!


Start a First Month Budget

When moving in general, having the finances to do so is the first thing to think about. If you’re moving for a job then the income will eventually happen, but until that first check comes you’ll need some money.  Creating a budget for the first month of your move is a smart way to plan for any unexpected situations and to keep yourself from diving too deep into your savings.  Plan for groceries, gas or other travel expenses and any unexpected work items you may discover you need. While it is important to explore and experience the new city you live in, it is important to have enough saved or set aside until that first paycheck. Blowing a bunch of money going out every weekend or trying every restaurant in town is tempting. But moving can have a lot of unforeseen expenses, keeping yourself to a budget for at least the first month can save a lot down the line. Trust me, I am speaking from experience. 


Where to Live?

Hopefully, you have already secured a job prior to making the decision to move.  With that, you’ll want to learn the areas around your job to begin your home or apartment search.  Having a long commute puts a damper on your life no matter where you live, South Carolina is no exception.  There are countless beautiful, fun, and cozy cities in this state so while a long commute can be a drag, compromising a long drive for a safe and affordable place to live is something to consider. In Charleston, for example, there are many smaller towns to choose between.  Some are quieter, have more restaurants and night-life, and some are much more expensive than others. When choosing where to live you have to think about the kind of environment suits you and what you can afford. 


Visit Before the Move

Whether you’re moving for a job or just for a change, one of the smartest things you can do is take a visit to your new home state.  This will help you get accustomed with the area and people.  You can scope out where the grocery stores are, hospitals, post office, police station, malls, etc.  Something many people do not think about when moving are the slight differences in culture, like driving and daily public interaction.  Driving laws can vary state to state, so it is important to understand any minor differences.  Aside from driving laws, seeing how locals actually handle themselves on the road is vital. In a state where people are moving to at a rate of 40 people a day, you will get a mix of driving styles.  There is also a reason the notion of Southern Charm came about, manners and simple kindness from strangers are a daily occurrence. 


No matter where you move, these three main tips will help you plan and adjust. When it comes to South Carolina, as a recent transplant, all I can say is I have no regrets. Coming from the north, there were many differences in culture and customs that I have had to adjust to. Not having major snowy winters are a huge plus, but aside from the wardrobe change my skin took a turn for the worse in such a wet climate. Being able to be outside more often, and in extreme heat, means more sunscreen, less makeup, more washing, and adjusting my skin routine to balance the new moisture. Something I never gave a thought to! 


My last tip if you are moving to South Carolina, be ready for tons of fun in the sun! Everyone here is active, being outdoors is a way of life. If you prefer to stay indoors you will get the chance because with such a humid climate comes rain but this is a state where exercise, fishing, and exploring dominant. Get ready for an amazing adventure in South Carolina. While any new place is an adjustment, if you come with an open mind you will make the most of this chapter in your life.



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