Monday, July 9, 2018
By Kelsey Comyack

Vacationing From your Traditional Workout Routine

guest blogger: Holly Ryan
        As the summer heats up, and warmer weather is fully upon us, sunshine brings families and friends together. Traditionally, this leads to weekend cookouts, leaving us overindulging in pulled pork sliders, potato salad, and possibly even having one too many sugary cocktails. As many people work hard in the cooler months to get “summer body ready,” it’s very easy to slip up in the warmer months, distracted by the hot sun and the enticing smell of a barbeque grill.
During the summer, going to a traditional gym can feel more like a chore than a healthy lifestyle choice. Luckily, the Charleston area offers many alternative fitness gyms to spice up your workout routine, and power through the summer wane of working out.
Pure Barre
Pure Barre is a fitness method that uses inspiration from ballet techniques to sculpt the body. It is great for strengthening muscles and reducing body fat, while simultaneously increasing balance and bettering posture. This fitness studio offers different level classes for both the new adventurers of Pure Barre and for the professionals! For those looking to try out this form of fitness, Pure Barre offers a free week-long trial pass for classes.
Coastal Climbing Gym
Coastal Climbing Gym is an indoor rock climbing facility that offers different classes, including climbing fitness, training, and yoga. Rock climbing is a unique way to reach your fitness goals while also exercising your sense of adventure. Who knows, maybe you’ll even want to take it up as a new hobby!
Aerial Fit
Aerial Fit offers fitness in another unique way, through the circus arts! The studio offers aerial yoga, which is essentially yoga in mid-air, using a sling to hold yourself up. Aerial Fit is very newbie friendly, as it offers a beginner class that teaches the basic techniques and exercises needed to excel in aerial yoga. This facility offers many themed workshops to introduce new guests. Some past workshops included a Family Playshop, a Beyond Flips and Tricks class, and a Love is in the Air Showcase. Whether you’re a lover of all things yoga, or you haven’t yet hopped on the yoga bandwagon yet, aerial yoga is definitely a place to try!
GritBox Fitness
GritBox Fitness is a high-intensity training gym in Charleston. They offer kickboxing classes
,GritFit boot camp training sessions, individual training, and boxing. This gym also offers a free trial class to experience their high-intensity training options. If you’re someone who wants effective results in a fast-paced environment, GritBox is definitely worth the workout!
Charleston Self-Defense Academy
Charleston Self-Defense Academy can be a great option for not only getting a full body workout but for learning self-defense techniques as well. They offer many different types of classes including, Krav Maga, Kids Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. The academy offers packages that allow members to take classes in multiple different disciplines, creating for advancement in many areas of self-defense!
Although some of these different fitness gyms may sound intimidating at first, they can be a great way to switch up your workout routine. They can allow you to push yourself to boundaries you never thought you could reach. Occasionally, people become complacent in their fitness routine and may lose motivation to achieve their desired results. This means that it is time to test out new waters! Summer is a time for adventure, and that includes vacationing from your traditional workout routine!



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