Monday, November 26, 2018
By Kelsey Comyack
Hollywood Goes to South Carolina

Hollywood Goes to South Carolina


Regardless of whether you’ve recently made the move to South Carolina, or if you’re a native member of the Palmetto State, South Carolina is a great state with a rich history. As there are many historical encounters that South Carolina prides itself on, there are also many Hollywood moments have occurred within the state lines. As a member of the state, it’s nice to know that your beautiful state is very desired to create movies and shows in Hollywood! Here are some of the most popular movies and TV shows that were filmed all throughout this beautiful state. Some of these places are even accessible to visit to experience the location yourself!



1.    Forrest Gump- The American fan favorite movie was filmed in 1994, in and around Beaufort, SC. Beaufort’s city website offers 50 things to do when visiting Beaufort, including, a Movie-Sites tour, that includes many of the prominent locations in the movie, Forest Gump!

2.    Dear John- The beloved drama was filmed in our very own Charleston back in 2010! Some of the different locations the movie was shot in include, the Isle of Palms, James Island, Folly Beach, The College of Charleston, and the Citadel. 

3.    The Notebook- In 2004, another Nicholas Sparks beloved drama, The Notebook, was also filmed in Charleston. Some of the most iconic locations in the movie are well-known places such as The American Theater, Boone Hall Plantation, the Cypress Gardens, and the William Aiken House. 

4.    The Patriot- The movie The Patriot was filmed in 2000 in a few different locations throughout South Carolina. The battle scenes were filmed in both Rock Hill and Charleston. Different filming locations included the Mansfield Plantation, the Cypress Gardens, and  Middletown House Museum, which is open for the public to visit. 

5.    Radio- Radio was filmed in 2003 in the largest city in Colleton County, Walterboro. The movie was filmed in both the T.L. Hanna High School, which at the time was under construction, and the Hampton Street Elementary School. For anyone looking to check out the Walterboro area, there are many restaurants, shops, and historic museums to visit. 


1.    Reckless- In 2014, the CBS show began filming as the first major TV series to be filmed in Charleston. The show was filmed in different locations throughout Charleston, including, City Hall, Charleston courthouse,  Arthur Ravenal Bridge, and the Rooftop Bar at Vendue Inn. 

2.    Army Wives- Army Wives, ABC’s hit show, was filmed in 2007-2013. It was filmed throughout Charleston in different locations including, Charleston Air Force Base. 

3.    Southern Charm- The Bravo TV show, Southern Charm, takes place in Charleston and was filmed throughout the area. This show was filmed in historical locations including Lewisfield Plantation and the Mikell House. 

Next time you’re in or around any of these places, consider taking some time to check out these sites. There’s something cool about knowing that your area was used to film a hit movie or show! When you’re on your next Netflix binge, or having a movie marathon Sunday, be sure to check out the surroundings in these movies and shows more in depth, you may recognize a few things!


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