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By Ashley  Buck
How Can Your Backyard Increase the Value of Your Property?

How Can Your Backyard Increase the Value of Your Property?

Guest Blogger: Lilly Miller

Every homeowner wants to increase the value of their property, especially those people who are planning to sell soon. But what things to concentrate on? Are the bathroom and the kitchen still the most important parts of every house or are they getting a competition? They certainly are, with outdoor spaces attracting more and more buyers, especially Millennials who are into greenery, sustainability and active living. So, here’s how you can boost the value of your property with the right backyard investments. 

Add a shed 

Adding some sort of storage space to your backyard will definitely increase the value of your house. Plastic sheds are not only the most durable, but they also require no building: you just buy it and place it in your backyard. In some cases where you need a permit to erect a shed in your space, that piece of paper alone will be able to raise the value of your property! Once you have your little building, fill it with sorting containers that will keep it tidy and your buyers will love the extra storage. 

Redo your paved areas

No matter how green-oriented you are, you probably have some hardscaping in your backyard. In case your paved areas are filled with cracks, holes and other damage, you’ll need to fix it right away in order to boost the aesthetic appeal and safety of the space. However, if your concrete needs more serious sprucing up, it’s better to renovate than fill out holes. For instance, you can invest in new and more attractive materials like stone pavers that have that classic yet modern and elegant look. With your new pavers, you’ll not only eliminate your crumbling concrete but also end up with a space that’s beaming with luxury and sophistication. Plus, these stone pavers are very easy to maintain and match with the rest of your exterior.

Boost comfort 

Of course, every good outdoor space needs a relaxation area perfect for basking in the fresh air and soaking up the sun. So, make sure to boost the comfort of your deck by investing in some new seating that will allow your buyers to imagine spending time in your backyard. A good deck doesn’t only provide relaxation, but also increases the living and entertainment space, so if you’re a little short on interior square footage, why not compensate with your outdoor space? 

Reconsider your greenery

While it’s always a smart idea to add a flowerbed or plant a privacy bush in your backyard, trees are a little more complicated. If you want it to increase the value of your property, a tree needs to be healthy, well-maintained and planted in the right spot. For instance, if a tree is planted too close to your home and is old and rotting, it poses a risk to your home and its inhabitants and it needs to go be removed. On the other hand, if you choose the right area to plant a new tree (one that will throw just enough shade and not endanger your property) it can be the right move. Types like Northern red oak, Sugar maple and Concolor fir are all great choices that dazzle with shade and brilliant colors and smells. 

Add an outdoor kitchen

Barbequing is many homeowner’s favorite pastimes, especially in the US and Australia, so make sure to create a little outdoor kitchen equipped with a good BBQ. While its primary purpose is definitely cooking, having an outdoor kitchen area is essential for all those who love to entertain and be good hosts. Make sure your space is equipped with a small food prep area, cooking area and plenty of storage, especially the fridge so you can always have a cold drink at hand. The area should have some shelter that will keep the party going even when the weather stops cooperating. Make your outdoor kitchen tidy and welcoming and you’ll hook your buyers just like that!  


Boost greenery with a greenhouse

Any eco-conscious and sustainable buyer will love this addition that appeals to their green thumb. By adding a greenhouse, you’re not only offering people the opportunity to grow their own food but also to impart important life lessons to their kids. They will learn how veggies and fruit are grown and harvested and properly handled. Plus, edible gardens are a very therapeutic pastime that’s beneficial both for the people and the planet. 

Provide your space with ample light

Landscape lighting will not only brighten your backyard but also give in a pleasant vibe that many house hunters are looking for in their perfect home. Use lighting fixtures to light up your paths, sitting areas, outdoor kitchen and stairs. Having plenty of illumination will also boost safety which is something every homeowner aspires to. 


Often neglected, your outdoor space can significantly boost your home’s value and attract serious buyers who are willing to spend some extra money on a well-designed and well-maintained backyard. 



About the author: Lilly Miller is a Sydney-based graphic designer and a passionate writer. Loves everything about home decor, art history and baking. Shares home with two loving dogs and a gecko named Rodney. You can find her on Twitter.



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