Monday, February 11, 2019
By Ashley  Buck
LEGO Your Home With Jeff Cook Real Estate!

LEGO Your Home With Jeff Cook Real Estate!


Another month, another billboard! This month Jeff becomes a lego character in light of The Lego Movie 2 hitting theaters February 8th. In the movie, the main character Emmet Brickowski stays true to his positive attitude even though all of his friends have been hardened by the post-apocalyptic chaos their world has become. You might think we are crazy for trying to relate to The Lego Movie 2, but there are some comparisons we can make. 


Selling a home could be bleak, but with the Jeff Cook Real Estate team, we make it AWESOME! If you’ve ever sold a home before, you know those waiting months can be harsh. There can be a feeling of being in limbo, wanting to get out of your current house and move into your dream home! Here at Jeff Cook Real Estate, we sell your home on average a month faster than the competition. That means less waiting time for you to go all Joanna Gaines on your new home. 


Although Jeff started the company, he has built an awesome team to help you buy or sell a home! From our agents to our operations team, Jeff Cook Real Estate is here to help you through the process of selling your home. We have over 100 agents so you can find your perfect match to work in harmony with! Our marketing team is also here to generate leads to get buyers interested in your home. You know the potential that your home has and we can communicate that to potential buyers with photography done in house for your listing. 


All in all, we want to keep things upbeat and professional. Here at Jeff Cook Real Estate, we want to help you be successful in selling your home but also make it AWESOME! Whether you are selling to move to another state, selling to upgrade, or selling to move to a new neighborhood, it should be an exciting time! Selling your home shouldn’t be a cumbersome task and with the Jeff Cook Real Estate team, we keep it exciting! Even after you are done working with us, we host Past Client Events throughout the year to thank you for being awesome! Check to see what we have coming up.


If you want to feel more awesome than an awesome possum and sell your home with Jeff Cook Real Estate, head to to get your JEFFSTIMATE and see how much your home is worth!



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