Wednesday, June 1, 2016
By Jeff Cook
What Are The Fastest Growing Cities in South Carolina

What Are The Fastest Growing Cities in South Carolina

 By Jeff Cook | June 1st, 2016


A website called researched the U.S. Census data over the past couple of years to see which cities have been growing the fastest over the past five years. From their analysis, they have come up with a list of the top ten up and coming cities in South Carolina ready to explode. While Bluffton came up at #1, four of the Tri-County cities made the cut.


Coming in 10th was Goose Creek. While Goose Creek is one of the newer cities as compared to the rest of the list, it has a 10.87% growth rate. Residents are attracted to this city because of the more affordable living.


Mount Pleasant and Hanahan made the list respectively at 7th and 8th. The growth of Mount Pleasant can be attributed to more upscale neighborhoods and housing like those of the Historic District of Charleston without the hassle of driving downtown. Meanwhile, Hanahan is a great location for Navy families stationed in the area. It is still mainly a residential area and is home to only three schools. The city of Hanahan still gives off that small hometown feel. Both were ranked in the top ten safest cities of South Carolina


A surprising name on the list was Moncks Corner, at 4th place and the highest rank for the Tri-County. With the suburbs of Charleston exploding, I can only guess that residents are relocating to Moncks Corner to escape the hustle and bustle that other small towns have now become. This area has experienced a 16.02% growth rate, the largest in the Charleston area.


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