Monday, May 27, 2019
By Ashley  Buck
What is the Top Job for Natural Born Salespeople?

What is the Top Job for Natural Born Salespeople?

Guest Blogger: Kelsey Comyack


What do you think of when you hear the words sale? Telemarketer phone calls, clothing stores, houses, sitting behind a desk, tall office buildings, people in headsets, and long long hours.  Jobs having to do with sales can get a bad rep. While they can be demanding positions, most do pay very well.  But you don’t have to work a 16 hour day for a six-figure career. One of the top sales jobs for natural born salespeople is real estate!  The traditional way to sell real estate can be time-consuming, but not at Jeff Cook Real Estate.  He revamped the real estate career in so many ways you’ll be jumping to get your license!

Many people who are natural born salespeople are not huge fans of selling. But that is because they don’t understand that each sales job is truly different and you can steer away from traditional methods. So what do I mean by ‘natural born salespeople’?  Someone who finds persuasion techniques as easy as breathing, with such charm and charisma you could hold a conversation with anyone you meet, and someone who can keep calm under pressure or handle rejection gracefully. All of these qualities make for a person who could sell just about anything! Selling involves hearing a lot of no’s, having people be rude or upset with you, and some just not wanting to give you the time of day.  Having these kinds of characteristics, however, make it natural for you to roll with the punches or turn all of those no’s into yes’s!

When it comes to traditional real estate, you have many responsibilities as an agent. However, about 90% of what I am about to share with you, you don’t have to worry about if you’re a Jeff Cook Real Estate (JCRE) agent. Marketing a house that you list involves obtaining proper signage, getting the word out, having open houses, creating tools such as flyers for buyers to take with them, and any kind of free stuff or swag. All of that can cost a lot of money, which is why the average agent sells 5-7 homes a year. When you’re a JCRE agent, you do not create nor pay for any of your marketing! That is one of the secrets to how JCRE agents can sell up to 40 homes in one year!

So if their marketing department hasn’t convinced you yet, let’s share a few more ways a real estate career with JCRE can change your life.

With all of that marketing off your plate, you have more time to focus on clients.  Being able to give each of your clients dedicated time only increases your positive reputation and gets more people wanting to work with you!  Not to mention you are able to create the right balance of home and work for your life. 

But just because their various departments do a lot of the heavy lifting, does not mean you aren’t busy.  With all that team help comes high expectations to crush it at your sales!  What that means is at the end of the day you put in so much hard work to yield incredible success, in a fast-paced competitive field, using a special method that puts you above the rest! 

To become a real estate agent you’ll need to pass both the state and national exams.  Not to mention, they have their own real estate school to ease your entire experience.  Becoming an agent with Jeff Cook Real Estate is pretty easy! For information on how EXACTLY to get started with your exams, their recruiters can answer all of your questions! Visit or CharlestonRealEstateSchool today! 



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