Thursday, April 12, 2018
By Abigail Conlon
What the Million Dollar Home Buyer Looks For

What the Million Dollar Home Buyer Looks For

By Abby Conlon, Guest Blogger | April 12th, 2018.

There are many things that categorize Signature Homes as "luxurious." However, what really determines this since Signature Homes come in all shapes and sizes? One could be a six bedroom house in the country, while another can be a two bedroom townhome located right on King Street. Since no two Signature Homes are the same, here are some added bonuses that a million dollar home buyer looks for when purchasing a home:

A Pool:

Although pools are a lot of upkeep and migh not seem worth it because you can't use it for a quarter of the year, the luxury home buyer would rather have a private pool instead of a public community pool. Their own pool gives them privacy and the ability to swim and lay out whenever they want. 

A Beautiful View:

In the Charleston area, there are so many different options for views. Think about it: the million dollar buyer wants a million dollar view. something beautiful to look at through their windows while cooking or even out their back patio to help relax and unwind after work. Homes with views of the ocean, downtown, or of the Ravenel Bridge are going to be worth the price.  


Although elevators are not as common these days, they do add a touch of luxyr and convenience. Although I could not see the use of an elevator, mainly because I have not physically seen an elevator in someone's home, what's a couple extra bucks when it comes to saving yourself the time and energy to walk up four floors of your home everyday? 

Country Club Amenities:

A lot of luxury home buyers partake in luxury events, such as golf tournaments, private events at country clubs, tennis lessons, and swim classes that take place in private pools. Country Clubs are usually exclusive and the opportunity to be a part of one just by the location of the home, is something that the luxury home buyer is looking for. 


Although acres are irrelevant to those who live in the city, land is a huge factor for homes that are further out. This is important for areas such as Lexington, Chapin, Saluda, St. Mattews, etc. In small towns like these, land, privacy, and seclusion is what will sell. Most of these areas do not have beachy views, country clubs, or even proximity to town, so land is what the million dollar home buyer wants in these areas.

Proximity to Beaches/Downtown:

The historical city of Charleston, along with beaches like Sullivan's Island, is what attracts people o move here. When selling your luxury home that is right on the beach, you're more likely to sell faster if you're a block away from the beach instead of having to take a twenty-minute drive. Although a half an hour drive to see downtown Charleston isn't so bad, for luxury home buyers who want to see downtown everyday, they will spend big bucks to own and be a part of one of the historic homes. 

If you're thinking about selling your home and it falls in the Signature Home range, check to see if your house or property has any of these qualities. This will help you figure out how high you can actually list for, what the million dollar home buyer is looking for, and qualities that will make your home sell faster and for more money. 

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