Thursday, May 10, 2018
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Why We Offer Professional Photography

Why We Offer Professional Photography



“A picture is worth a thousand words.”


“You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.”


Have you ever heard either of these quotes? They’re true, aren’t they? Think of these quotes as you prepare to list your home. We’re in a day and age where home buyers turn to the internet first to search for homes. Typically, when a buyer is looking for homes online, they’re going to flip through all the pictures first before reading a single description of a home. You need to treat that thousand word picture as the first impression of your home.


Many agents will walk through their client’s home and snap a few dark and grainy photos with their iPhone to upload into the MLS. Most of those listings don’t stand a chance of gaining traction. Some agencies do suggest professional photography, however, while the photos are clear, they do not always present the best angles. Make sure you choose a photographer who specializes in real estate photography.


We use Charleston Real Estate Media (CREM). CREM has heavily invested in ultra-wide angle technology that showcases your home in the best light. Because we use our listing photos in so many marketing pieces such as advertisements, flyers, and portfolios, it is necessary that we have the best photos possible. So when you use us, professional real estate photography is included. Our listing coordinators will help you schedule a shoot and when the photos are ready, they will upload them to the MLS which will then be shared with all third party home search sites such as Zillow and



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Now that you’ve scheduled your photo shoot, it’s time to make your home photo ready. Professional photos can’t work well if the image they’re portraying isn’t appeasing. Make your home feel welcome and open. The hardwoods should shine. All unnecessary items should be hidden. Kitchen and bathroom countertops should be tidied up. Consider bringing in a home stager to make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers. If that’s not in your budget, invite a friend over who can give you an unbiased opinion on what kind of impression your home gives off.


Interested to hear more about our complimentary professional photography and the rest of our top of the line listing presentation? Give us a call today at 843.225.2002.


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