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A Seller’s Guide: How to Attract a Millennial Home Buyer

Guest Blogger: Lilly Miller

As the National Association of Realtors revealed, Millennials are currently target buyers for any property. This generation is a strong advocate of green movements but also an avid consumer of technological advancements. This is why they will never go for huge ostentatious houses with bad insulation.

With a few carefully planned adaptations to your house, you will not only cater to their needs but you could also raise the price in accordance with your additional investment. Millennials are not spendthrifts but they are willing to pay the price for something which is a perfect fit for their needs. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions about potential changes to turn your home into a perfect abode for Millennials. 

Update your home with technology

Smart home technologies have been around for some years now so there are a plethora of solutions available for different purposes. For instance, modern thermostats use Wi-Fi technology and sensors so you can control the temperature in your home and even adjust it to when you are not home which makes this an eco-friendly solution any millennial would love. 

Some smart door locks offer keyed and keyless entry systems, with keyless prompting you to enter a random code each time or unlock it with your smartphone. Millennial buyers would also appreciate the efficacy of smart garage door openers which allow you to control the door from anywhere with just a touch of the screen that also come with light control capabilities. Read more about smart home features here!

Provide open spaces

Millennials care less about the size of the space and more about the way it is arranged. They dislike the feeling of being stifled by items so even the biggest of houses with too many things would probably not be appealing to them. This is why the first task you need to take care of is to declutter everything so when they come to see the house for the first time, they can feel inspired to check it in detail.

They dislike barriers between rooms in which they socialize so if you have joined the kitchen and dining room, or a kitchen and the living room, those arrangements will definitely pique their interest because these social butterflies will be able to fluctuate about the rooms freely. If you don’t have such a room arrangement and you are not up for major renovations, then getting rid of clunky furniture would change the setting greatly. 

Opt for sustainable solutions

Just as with technology, millennials have a deep connection with nature and they care greatly for the environment. This is why sustainable home solutions are not just a manner to decrease the bills for them but also a passionate cause.

To comply with these needs, you can start by upgrading the front door. A sturdy door will not only boost the curb appeal but improve insulation and overall security. Windows are also a crucial point when it comes to insulation so thermally efficient double-glazed windows would be the perfect fit even for sound insulation. Doors and windows of a good quality combined with a smart lock or a quality deadbolt system would greatly improve the security of the home.

Give some life to the walls

Dark and gloomy spaces are not favorite dwelling places for a typical millennial. They like the outdoors and the light so a project that wouldn’t be detrimental to your budget would be to repaint the walls. This would freshen up the place and add some life to it. Just be careful not to overdo it so you can think in terms of painting most walls white and then having one statement wall in some bold color such as turquoise. Follow these home design trends to freshen up your space for the millennial buyer.

Regarding the choice of paint, although they would be able to tell just by looking at it, if you want to win over some millennial hearts, use eco paints and don’t forget to mention that you did so. They are free of toxic ingredients that typical paints contain and they are neither complicated for usage nor is their longevity questionable. 

Tend to your backyard

As mentioned, your target buyers are social butterflies who like spending time with their friends and family so acquiring a house that has space that was already designed for that would increase their interest in it manifold.  

To combine their love of nature and socializing, make your backyard into a place of leisure. For starters, get rid of all the things you don’t need so as not to give out the impression of a messy claustrophobic backyard. Then tend to any plants you have there and if necessary, add some new to enrich the place. Also, if your budget allows you, to win over their hearts completely, acquire some sustainable furniture, such as a table and chairs made of bamboo, which is one of the eco-friendliest materials.

Millennials are not demanding buyers but just like any generation, they have their own ideas and tastes. They will not be impressed by lavish decorations, fragile figurines but with an eco-friendly home and recycled furniture where each piece has a story to tell. If you add some space where they can socialize with their friends and family and show your appreciation for nature with some plants, you will have them signing the dotted line in a matter of days. 

At Jeff Cook Real Estate, we are here to serve YOU! If you still feel like you are scrambling to sell your home, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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