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Do We Really Sell A Home Every 7 Hours?

As a local of the Charleston area, you’re definitely used to seeing Jeff Cook Real Estate billboards on your daily commute. You’ve most likely laughed at a few, but you might’ve questioned if some of the statistics you see are even true! The latest billboards we’ve produced claims that Jeff Cook Real Estate sells a home every 7 hours. Let’s dive deep into who JCRE is to see if this is factual and why does it matter to you!

How is JCRE able to sell a home every 7 hours? 

Here at JCRE, we have a lot of moving parts so to explain how we are able to sell these many homes we must look at it from all of the parts. The first part is that we have expert agents that go through tons of training when they become a part of the team. Our agents work hard for each individual client to ensure that they are getting the most for their house, sold faster than the competition. In 2018 alone we sold 1,300 homes!! 

The second part is our cutting-edge marketing system. Although we can’t give you all the tricks of the trade, we can tell you that our marketing (billboards and other ads that you see on social media) bring in 4,800 leads per month! That means more people are looking for homes to buy, so we are able to sell your home faster! 

Why Does This Matter?

If you want to sell your home, the numbers should matter to you! We can sell your home 30 days faster than the competition. This means we’ve just saved you a month’s worry, waiting, and a month's mortgage payment! We also help you get more for your listing! We get 98.5% of your asking price while the competitors only get 96.6%. We want to get your home sold fast and sold for more money! 

So now that you know the facts, it’s time to throw some truth at you. We serve a lot of families every year but that doesn’t mean you will get lost in these numbers. We live by this motto “Every client has a name, and every name has a story”, meaning each family we work with, we focus on them individually. No two transactions will be the same because no two families are the same. We make sure to serve based on the family’s needs and wants. With any Jeff Cook agent, you come first!

We want the chance to work with you! If you’re ready to hire a professional, go to 843value.com!

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