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Explaining Escrow

Explaining Escrow

A financial arrangement whereby a third party regulates and holds payments of the money needed by two parties undertaking a specific transaction is referred to as Escrow. It means that such transactions are not only secure but also reduces the chances of losing your monies since payments are kept in a financially secure escrow account and only released when the two transacting parties come into an agreement under the supervision of escrow company. Escrows are particularly crucial in cases where some obligations are to be met, and the transactions involved are quite large before releasing the full payments. Take, for instance, a homeowner who wants to sell her home, and the buyer wants confirmation that the quality of home features under construction is credible and at the same time she is reluctant to invest massive resources and time without an assurance that she will receive payments after the project completion. 

Why Escrow transaction vital before you purchase a home? 

Before owning a home, it is wise to get help from experienced real estate agents who are in a better position to answer all queries concerning the home you want to purchase. Escrow transactions are not only safe but also ensures you are cautioned against the risk of buying a low-quality home at higher prices than the fair pricing due to fraud. It eliminates the legal complications associated with buying a home by creating a positive transaction atmosphere between the buyer and the seller. Owning a home is not only a complicated process but also involving substantial risks, mainly if you are hot fully prepared. The escrow process occurs between the time the buyer gets the house keys, and the seller receives the payments. 

How can a real estate agent help you in case you close your mortgage loan? 

Home Appraisal

Remember, after you close your mortgage loan, the financial institution offering the mortgage conducts its appraisal in which the buyer foots down the appraisal fee as a way of protecting the commercial interests if it will need to foreclose on the home buying terms. For instance, if the home value is lower in the appraisal report that the quoted price the mortgage lender is more likely to decline to offer financial assistance unless you opt to come with the remaining sums or your agent negotiate with the seller to lower the home pricing to that of the appraisal amount. However, your agent can try to convince the appraiser’s terms to come down to favorable pricing although this depends on the agent you pick. For instance, the Jeff Cool Real Estate agents are experienced in answering any questions on your behalf when you are owning a home, thus helping you meet the mortgage lender figures. For instance, our experienced agents can provide bonus material information to support that your home should be appraised at a higher value than at present. Arrange a second appraisal at fair pricing or outsource a different lender with a hope that the assessment will be in your favor. 

The Bottom Line.

There is nothing to worry about as you try to comprehend every concept in Escrow transactions since your experienced agent will watch over the entire Escrow process. However, it is very crucial to grasp some basic Escrow concepts as you plan your homeownership strategy as it involves significant financial dealing.

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