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Fall Trips to Take in South Carolina

Fall Trips to Take in South Carolina

Guest Blogger: Inan Sikel

As the Summer-time season comes to the end, the telltale signs of Fall are just beginning to appear. Before you've realized, the temperature has dropped, leaves start to change colors, days became shorter, and the start of the football season has just peaked its head around the corner. For those of you looking for some Fall adventure and fun, consider South Carolina and the following, various trip ideas that are sure to put a smile on any visiting or existing residents of the state.


First and foremost, a trip to Charleston is considered a must for some. The city boasts a remarkable amount of tours throughout the city, ranging from introductions to the history of the city to traditional landmarks. One tour suggestion is a visit to the Nathaniel Russell House, a 19th century home known for its interior decor, which has been partially restored to the taste of its time. If you prefer the outdoors, consider checking out the Magnolia Plantation and & Gardens tour, which offers beautiful feats of nature that must be seen. If neither of those fits your preference or is something you'd enjoy, the town of Charleston offers plenty of niche tours that are unique to the city's history, such as haunted sites or local restaurants. But whatever you do in Charleston, make sure to visit the Charleston City Market for some souvenirs when wrapping up your visit!


For those looking to immerse themselves in the Fall season entirely, South Carolina has more offerings than imaginable. As far as outdoor activities, visiting an apple orchard is a classic, Fall tradition for some. If you find yourself in the Long Creek area of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Bryson's Apple Orchard is a spectacular trip. Bring some picnic supplies, collect some apples, and take a walk down the trails in the area that are almost as abundant as the fruit for harvesting! Aside from apples, Bryson's orchard offers selections of jams, honey, syrup, vegetables and even more in-season offerings. If you're looking to get a taste of the Fall season, definitely look towards visiting one of the many orchards throughout South Carolina!


If you're looking to get out of your comfort zone, South Carolina is also home to some of the most exciting of activities ranging from rafting to biking. One area, in particular, is Greenville, which commonly referred to as "Bikeville" for its friendly trails that extend for miles. Greenville also is home to The Swamp Rabbit Trail, which is a 20-mile trail perfect for those bikers wanting to surround themselves with a beautiful, Fall season in nature. Throughout the trail, riders or walkers will travel alongside plenty of other attractions as they stroll along the stretches of the Reedy River and downtown neighborhoods. So if you're looking to for some excitement in South Carolina during the Fall, the state is sure to have an outdoor activity that matches any adventurers' needs.

When taking a trip to South Carolina, there's a destination for those seeking anything ranging from historic, scenic, and even exciting. With amenities for all, the state offers a little bit of something for anyone. And especially during the Fall time, a trip within South Carolina may just be the perfect idea for those who missed their opportunity this Summer. Although we've listed only a few trip ideas, be sure to consider South Carolina this Fall when planning your next getaway.



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