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House to Home

There is something thrilling about moving into a new space, but it can also feel a little alien and unfamiliar. There is nothing like the comforting feeling of home. But how do you make that feeling happen in a brand new environment? Here are some ways you can have your new house feeling just like the home you know and love.

Make It Familiar

You may have a new floor plan and new furniture, but there are things you can do to make your house feel familiar to you. Put some of your old items up immediately, like that clock you’ve had since you were 20 or favorite family photos. Take these things from your last residence, and put them in places where you’ll see them often. Try to recreate old smells, too. Light your favorite scented candle, burn calming incense, or bake the cookies your mom used to make. After you have unpacked and settled down, hang any art pieces you have. Seeing them in each room will make every area of your home feel less strange.

Affordable Decoration

Decorating your new home does not have to mean spending thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars. You can transform your space on a budget. To brighten your walls, paint them a new color, or create your own stencil to make them seem wallpapered. If you need furniture, consider buying second-hand. An estate sale or used-goods store may have exactly what you’re looking for at a fraction of the price. New hardware, like doorknobs and sink faucets, can make this space feel truly your own at a relatively low cost. Spend one weekend a month hitting up as many garage sales as you can find. You will have to sort through numerous low-quality items, but you may surprise yourself with the treasures you can find for actual pennies. You can also transform some things you already own. For example, try dyeing or ironing a decorative trim onto curtains, or sew together old placemats to make a unique and quirky table runner.

Transform Your Backyard

There is much to be said about having space outside to call your own. However, everyone has a different idea of what is beautiful. Transform your yard into your own sanctuary. Consider putting in native plants to keep watering costs low, or updating your pathway with fresh stone slabs. Contrast colors by planting different shrubs side by side to create a unique and lovely border to your yard. Add privacy to your outdoor picnics by creating a living fence: by placing evergreen trees and plants along the edge of your property, you can keep your yard green and secluded year-round. Throw in some solar-powered lamps to light your pathway in the evening. You can even build your own bench to have a place to sit and really enjoy your green space.

Home Maintenance

Even brand new homes need to be maintained. Knowing how to do the basics can keep your home feeling like a sanctuary. For example, knowing how to fix leaks in your toilet and how to keep your faucets from dripping can save you money in the long run. Regularly tune your water heater to keep sediment from piling up at the bottom and causing malfunctions. No one, after all, wants a cold shower. To keep your kitchen sink clog-free, don’t pour leftover food (especially scraps that are heavy in fat) down the drain, even if you have a disposal. Scrape off what you can into the trash and dispose of grease in other ways. If you have air conditioning, check the filter regularly and make sure there is no mildew growing beneath or near the unit itself, as this can cause health risks.

This is an exciting time. Buying and furnishing a house can be a great source of joy, especially if you can find ways to feel comfortable and at ease immediately. By taking these small steps toward home improvement and decoration, you can quickly find yourself turning a house into a home.

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