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How to Make a Home Feel like 'Yours'

Guest Blogger: Austin Winder

The moving process can be quite draining, so much so that it may take a while to truly feel at home. If you’re feeling as though you haven’t quite moved into your new place, don’t worry. With the following tips, your new house or apartment will have all the comforts of your old home.

 Unpack ASAP

After taking on all the work that goes into packing and moving to a new home, it can be tempting to wait a while to unpack the unnecessary items. However, leaving boxes everywhere can eventually become stressful, and prevent you from truly enjoying your new home. 

An easy way to start is by going room to room. Get the larger items like furniture arranged how you’d like them, and then move to the smaller, more fragile items once you’ve got a place for them. By breaking down the unpacking process to one room at a time, it makes it a much easier project to tackle. The quicker you’re organized and on track with the rest of your scheduled activities, the sooner you’ll feel like you are home. 

 Set up the Wi-Fi

A home without the Internet can feel particularly empty. Be sure to have your wi-fi set up immediately so you can spend time relaxing and watching your favorite shows or getting back into your regular work schedule. With you wi-fi up and running, you’ll feel less as though you’re in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable environment.

 Decorate Your Home

As you continue unpacking and setting up your home as you like it, don’t forget to decorate. Bring out your favorite art pieces from your last home and start hanging them up. Similarly, don’t be afraid to go ahead and buy new artwork, signs, flowers, or anything else that will help you express your personality in your new place. Check out these popular home design trends for more inspiration!

 Set up Outdoor Furniture

If you’ve moved into an apartment or home with a backyard, taking advantage of this open-air will help you feel more at home. When designing your outdoor patio and garden, have a plan in mind for how you’d like the space to function, and fill in the gaps with foliage to provide a truly striking place to relax.

 Invite Friends Over

What’s a new home or apartment without a housewarming? Celebrate this momentous occasion by inviting your friends and family members over to ring in this new step in your life. Whether you host a dinner party or have a game night, getting your old gang together will help you to feel like you belong in your new space.

 If you’ve still yet to finish unpacking or painting, consider asking friends to come over to help you. Doing so will give you the opportunity to spend time with loved ones while getting a break from having to do all the work yourself.

Don’t spend another day in your new house or apartment feeling as though you are out of place. Put these five tips into practice or tackle these 5 DIY projects to help transform your new space into the home of your dreams.

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