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Jeff Cook Talks With Tanya Brown on Mix 96

Jeff Cook on Mix 96

Back in July, we put up a billboard called “Moving to Canada” encouraging Charleston area residents who were considering moving to Canada if their Presidential didn’t win to use us to help them sell their home. The billboard was picked up first by Charleston City Paper and then by Fox News. It went viral. 

On the night of the election, that old billboard became viral again. Over the course of 24 hours, we received 654 phone calls. CNN called. We were finally picked up by a local TV station, ABC News 4, who visited our headquarters last week. Then I got a call from my good friend Tanya Brown at Mix 96 on air last Friday, my favorite morning show in the world!

The folks at Mix 96 called in as Miley, Whoopi, Rosie and other celebrities needed help selling their Hollywood mansions to flee to Canada. Check out the interview! If you are unable to listen at the moment, you can view the transcript below the video. 

Jeff: My favorite morning show in the world! We had these billboards go up and at first we were having fun with it and then we learned really fast that there are some people who are very passionate about wanting to sell their house and move out of the area.

Tanya: Was this actually during election day? You got like 300 to 400 phone calls about people wanting to sell their houses?

Jeff: So as soon as the election results started coming in, and I think it was when Donald Trump won Florida, calls started pouring in. We had to turn the phone number off so we could get some sleep that night and overnight we got 350 phone calls by the time we got into work the next morning. 

Mike: These people that live in Charleston or are you getting calls from all over the country?

Jeff: It’s all over the country. I just looked right before we got on the air here and we are up to 741 phone calls from the time the election results started coming in until this morning.

Tanya: You know what, regardless of if they are serious or not, they’re about to make you rich if you sell all these houses. 

Jeff: Well I don’t know that we can help some of these crazy people.

Tanya: So what are some of the things that they’re saying, they just don’t like who won and they’re ready to just pack up and leave? 

Jeff: Absolutely! What’s funny is that whenever the immigration website for Canada shut down, they started switching where they’re moving. Now the most recent one is they’re moving to Australia instead of Canada. 

Mike: I can’t imagine getting so emotionally invested, I understand loving a candidate and all that stuff, but I just can’t imagine being so emotionally invested first of all that you’d want to leave Charleston, South Carolina. Canada is cold. That’s ridiculous. Now you’re just talking crazy talk. Going to Canada where it literally is -20 degrees in June.

Jeff: And a lot of the ones here are local too. We’ve had some people over in the James Island area and West Ashley area that are putting their house on the market and they don’t know where they’re going, they’re just mad at life and wanting to sell their house. So we’re gonna help them sell it. Where they go after that is up to them.

Mike: Well the good thing is whether it’s from the election or whether or not these become genuine leads for you, I mean if you think about the law of averages whether it’s to move to Canada or because of the election or not, if you can close on 3 of them, then your investment in the billboard and all the news media, it covers itself.

Jeff: It’s been a lot of fun along the way when you realize how crazy some of these people really are. 

Tanya: Well since they are so irate and some of them may be irrational if you come up with a good short sale, I’m buying cause I hear you can get a great deal.

Our marketing idea has since been listed as #1 of the "15 Outrageous Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Actually Worked" by Fit Small Business.

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