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Mid-Century Modern Décor Ideas for Your Home

Guest Blogger: Talia Spero

Mid-century modern décor is catching the eye of homeowners once again. The colorful sofas and Danish sideboards are gaining popularity, as we realize the style may have never left the design sphere after all. There are many problems that can render your home unsellable, but updating your décor is a great way to become a popular stop on the home buyer's journey of home showings.

This home design trend features clean lines, sleek structure, and inspiring bright colors that interior decorators could never get sick of. The key to executing the proper mix of history and modern – incorporating comfort and beauty – is realizing that this style is based on simplicity, creative use of materials, and an artistic and close connection to nature. 

Less is More

You can incorporate mid-century design elements into your home by following the “less is more” concept. By adding thoughtfully and subtly crafted pieces, like marble-topped tables and molded Eames chairs to living rooms dining rooms, or tea rooms, you’ll present a contemporary and classic style that is straight out of the 1950s.

Find a focal point 

In a modern style room, there should be one focal point. Choose a piece to highlight such as a chair, painting, or lamp. Better yet, a striking chandelier is a perfect focal point and it can be complemented by simple and sleek furniture. Remember to allow your walls to also be neutral in color and décor unless you have chosen them to be your focal point (Another great idea!)

Embrace texture and pattern

When designing your mid-century modern room, play with texture and pattern, and don’t be shy about mixing elements that you normally wouldn’t picture together. Think of the flooring, furniture, décor pieces, and lighting structures as layers of a canvas that you are arranging creatively and freely.

Shop for new mid-century modern design

With an increased demand for mid-century modern pieces comes new designers offering period-inspiring products. If you can’t find the vintage sofa, table, or clock you’re looking for at thrift stores, turn to the internet for new versions of something similar (it may be even more customized to what you’re looking for.) 

As you go from room to room in your home, making changes and bringing out the mid-century modern design in, be sure to not overcrowd. Give each piece space to shine and stand out. Enjoy your new and improved mid-century modern home! 

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