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New Years Resolution: Home Edition

The holiday season is already here and soon, you’ll be facing a New Year. This is a time to look forward to the future — but that can be hard to do with so many uncompleted home improvement projects still needing attention. Don’t let those pending tasks rob your holiday joy. Set some New Year’s resolutions to make 2023 the year of home improvement for you. 

Here, Jeff Cook Real Estate shares some possible projects you can tackle this coming year to raise your property value and overall satisfaction. And, some suggestions for helping you complete your chosen changes by this time next year. 

Popular Homeowner Projects 

Being a homeowner is no small responsibility. There are constant needs for upkeep, renovation, replacing worn items, or adding more space. And sometimes, it’s just time for a change in color, decor, or layout. Here are some popular tasks that homeowners often take on, with a few suggestions here and there. 

Garage Clean-up/Reorganization — Isn’t it amazing how much can accumulate in a short time! Extra space always seems to fill up. Get brutal and begin throwing out anything you haven’t used in the last year; chances are, you won’t need it again. This can be a great weekend project that can provide fodder for charitable donations or a yard sale for extra cash. 

LandscapingRedoing your landscaping can transform your property. Start by cleaning out existing areas and adding some trees. Flowers, shrubs, edging, and efficient lighting can make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. 

Outdoor Patio — Extending your living space into the outdoors is a great way to enjoy natural light and fresh air. Even a small outdoor patio can add value and a new escape for sunrise cups of coffee and silence. 

Backyard Entertaining Area — Entertaining at home is a blast with the proper setup. A backyard entertaining area complete with seating, cooking and grilling center, a bar, and a cozy firepit is just the project to add excitement to your home lifestyle. 

Minor Bathroom Remodel — Small changes to your bathrooms can make everything seem new. Replace the shower door or install a new tub cover, add new hardware to cabinets and drawers, and consider new faucets or a new mirror. 

Minor Kitchen Remodel — Similar upgrades to your kitchen can add a sense of newness, color, light, and a fresh attitude toward cooking and entertaining. New cabinet hardware, backsplash, faucets, and lighting can make a world of difference. 

Smart Technology — New smart helps can add safety and convenience to your home, like plugs, detectors, and other home assistant devices. Smart appliances are also available, like refrigerators that can even create and email you a grocery list! 

Major Bathroom Renovation — For those needing a whole new look, consider adding new tile, shower or tub combinations, fixtures, and more storage space to completely renovate your bathroom. Serious changes may require knocking out a wall or moving some plumbing, both major undertakings that will need a professional. 

Major Kitchen Remodel — The simplest major kitchen remodel is replacing all your appliances with smart or other modern models. New cabinetry, flooring, and paint can also make things new. While you’re at it, how about adding an island or serving area? 

Pool Addition — What South Carolina home is complete without a swimming pool? Your kids and neighbors will love you, and relaxing in your own backyard pool can become a wonderful pastime. Get ready for massive changes when you decide to make this new addition. 

Accomplishing My Home To-Do List: One Bite at a Time 

Making a list of needs and wants for your home is the easy part. But what about accomplishing all those projects? Here are some suggestions to help you get started and keep going until you are satisfied with the results. 

Prioritize — While no one wants to eat an elephant, there is wisdom in the method for doing it: one bite at a time. Organize your tasks according to importance, size, and cost. Do small chores first that can be accomplished in a single afternoon or day. Take care of small expenses first. Make a plan for when and how the larger projects will be accomplished. Schedule time to dedicate to each one. Keep your list in a public place like the refrigerator to remind you of your goals and the necessary steps. 

BudgetSetting a budget and funding it are two vital aspects of completing your projects. Research your project costs and determine how much you need to save, then make a plan for saving it. As you reach your funding goals for each project, complete it. Remember to include permits, insurance, professional assistance, and materials. 

Know Your Limits — You may be surprised at what you can accomplish yourself on your list, but don’t push yourself too far. Many small tasks can be DIY for a weekend, but know when you need to call in the professionals. You will never regret money spent wisely here. 

Choose Wisely — Research the professionals you will need for your home projects. Get quotes and review online comments and recommendations from other clients. Talk to your family and neighbors about home improvement professionals they have used and their recommendations. Here again, time invested in this process will save you considerable headaches and money. 


Whatever your home project New Year’s resolutions, we hope our suggestions have given you some direction and purpose to begin with determination and complete each one to your satisfaction! 

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