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Our modern society loves all the conveniences that the world wide web and phone apps have to offer. With an app and a few touches of a button, we can have food delivered from our favorite restaurants, rides show up at our door to take us places, tickets to our favorite movies or concerts, coupons to our favorite stores, and even a dog-walker arrive on our doorstep. Modern technology indeed is a wonder and a splendid gift to humankind. So how about when it comes to real estate? Are the apps and websites taking the place of real live realtors? Let’s take a look at why we still prefer the human touch here!

Realtors have nearly instantaneous knowledge about listings. The MLS website is “THE” source of all listings. Online sites do have access to the MLS listings, but only as they are updated by third parties. Your local realtor, on the other hand, can find out instantly if the listing has any types of changes in status, such as pending, contingent, just-reduced or closed.  With your local realtor, you won’t waste time inquiring about a property that could be unavailable. In many cases, a realtor knows of properties that are available but not yet actively advertised and can help you to become first in line for the home of your dreams. Your agent will even be actively working for you behind the scenes without you having to do any searches or inquiries on your own!

Realtors have a thorough working knowledge of your local market. As a buyer, you may have your heart set on a particular neighborhood and then realize there is nothing in your price range. Your realtor knows which other neighborhoods in your area are comparable to what you are looking for and which may have a much better selection and pricing. Local realtors stay on top of what neighborhoods are currently trending and where new development is taking place. These hard-working humans can help you get the most for your money because they work all over our communities every day.

Agents can better inform clients and protect their interests, saving them money and potential heartbreak. Your real estate agent knows the properties that are for sale locally. They can protect the client by advising them if a home may need more work than first-time buyers or older buyers can afford or manage. The agent can instruct the buyer how to prepare a smart offer on a home that will keep the buyer in the running for the house but still have money for changes or repairs that will need to be made. Agents can even point out potential pitfalls with the financing or what to expect when you need to improve your credit score. Because your agent works the business every day they know the potential hazards and can save you time and trouble that you wouldn’t expect when acting alone on a website.

Real live realtors have the expertise that the average consumer does not. Every business has its specific lingo and forms. Using a realtor can help you avoid confusion with the language, mistakes on the forms, delays in the overall process, and will actively advocate for you when you don’t even realize there is a need for an intervention! They are highly trained individuals with your best interest at heart!

Realtors know everyone. Real estate agents are some of the best networkers in our society. We would do well to take lessons from them and be bold enough to reach out and make connections.  Your real live agent knows brokers, attorneys, home inspectors, home stagers, interior designers, painters, roofers, window installers, landscapers, moving companies, and anyone else you may need as you buy or sell a home. You, as the buyer, will have their phone numbers and nearly 24-hour access to their wealth of knowledge. No website in the world can replace that kind of experience.

Realtors care about you! The personal touch of working with a human in person is a tremendous asset in the real estate adventure. Buying and selling a home can be very emotional and overwhelming. A great realtor will guide you, encourage you, reassure you during your search, and celebrate with you when you find the home of your dreams. Their job is to serve you, and when a great agent does this, you have a caring friend on your side. No website can offer the care and friendship that a personal agent can!

In conclusion, I firmly believe that websites and apps can be handy tools and have their time and place in the business of real estate. They can be a great jumping-off point for exploring what is available and provide you an idea of what you can get in your price range. When considering all the benefits of using a real estate agent “live and in person,” however, I think you will agree that the human touch is the best choice! Contact an agent and let them know how they can begin helping you!

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