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Smart Home Features to Add to Your Home

Smart Home Features to Add to Your Home

Guest Blogger: Talia Spero

Whether you have decided to learn more about smart home features in your adulthood, or you’re a millennial purchasing your first home, you will most likely want to install the best home automation system you can find. In today’s age, there are so many smart home devices that offer safety, security, convenience, energy efficiency savings, and increased comfort levels. It may make the most sense to invest in one or more smart home devices. 

Especially when buying or selling a home, a smart home can be a true differentiating factor that sets the home above the rest. Since home automation systems are quite new, an integrated automated system will increase both your home’s comfort and its practical and market value. 


Lighting Control Systems  

These systems provide convenience and energy savings when interior lighting is automated and additional safety and security when there are motion-detection sensors installed outside. While they can deter potential intruders, they could also save you from a fall on wet or icy stairs and pathways. 


Automated Door Locks

Leaving a spare key under a flowerpot was never a good idea in terms of home security, and an automated locking system removes any need for a spare key. You’ll also know any time someone enters or leaves your home. Better yet, you can lock all your doors and windows with a simple voice command. 


Home Alarm Systems 

One of the earliest and universally adopted home automation systems, at least 50 percent of buyers now want wireless security systems when purchasing a home. When coupled with an increasing “move-in-ready” trend, having a home alarm system will make your home safer and more appealing to buyers. 


Smart Home Entertainment Systems 

These devices allow you to sync your speakers, TVs, and computers to your smart home security system. 


Smart Shades, Thermostats, and Lighting Systems 

Smart shades and thermostats can save up to 20 percent of both heating and cooling costs. Smart lighting systems using LED lights can save up to 75% of lighting energy costs. 


Best of all, as home automation systems become more popular, they’re getting cheaper and cheaper. With the potential for energy and insurance savings and the convenience and security features the best home automation systems can provide, your home will be more valuable, not only to potential buyers, but also to you and your family. 



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