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The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving

When I think about moving from one home to another, I am completely overwhelmed and exhausted just from the thought.  I’m sure many of you out there are the same; the idea of transferring ALL of your belongings from under one roof to the next causes tremendous stress and anxiety.  And so, I decided to share with you some moving tips, things to do and not do, based on my very recent and firsthand experience relocating to our newly constructed home.


  • Start planning early.  Think about whether you want to use a moving company, or move everything yourself. Depending on the number of belongings you own or if you're moving with pets, it may be worth it to hire a well-reviewed and recommended company to do the hard work for you.  Sure it may cost you a couple of hundred dollars an hour to have these men do the heavy lifting; however, the reduction in stress and physical work upon yourself may be worth it.
  • Find heavy duty boxes for packing belongings. Various businesses and stores, such as grocery stores, bulk retailers like Sams and Costco, liquor stores, etc., are just throwing them away! You are doing the environment a favor when you recycle them for another productive use.
  • Group like items together: this may come as a no-brainer, but in the rush of packing, you may find yourself just throwing this, that and the other in the same box.  This kind of sorting will lead to an unpacking nightmare!  Trust me, place all kitchen utensils together, all pantry items in the same box, all bathroom items in the same storage container.  And LABEL each box and container!
  • If you are physically moving your belongings then PREMEDICATE. Seriously.  It is going to be painful unless you are a bodybuilder or in the gym every day.  The day after you are also going to be extremely sore.  Having an anti-inflammatory on hand will ease the aches and pains.  Pack some Epsom salts for a hot soak in the tub (if you’re lucky to have one) to soothe sore muscles.

BE PATIENT WITH THE PROCESS.  It’s going to take an entire day or two, or even a week, depending on how much stuff you have.  But know that eventually you will be finished, in your new place, and settled in making memories inside your new home.


  • Procrastinate and pack everything on the day of the move; this will only overwhelm and frustrate you.  Prepare in advance, packing what you can before the big day.
  • Get in the way of the movers!  Or try to be friendly and make too much conversation with them, especially when they are moving heavy objects such as furniture.  Just let them do their thing!
  • Pack your valuables, such as jewelry, money, and medication, on the moving truck.  Take those items with you.
  • Keep everything: take this opportunity to purge. Get rid of clutter and any unnecessary items in your house.  Those old clothes that have stayed inside boxes for years since the last move need to go to Goodwill.  Seriously.  Let them go.
  • Think you’re going to get it all done in one day.  While you might get every item out of one house and into the next within the daylight hours, actually moving in, unpacking, and getting settled in is a process.  So just embrace it! Look at it as a fresh start and a way to re-organize your life!

Now that you have some valuable moving do’s and don’ts, it is time to go forth and get moving! 

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