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What is the MLS?

MLS is an acronym for Multiple Listing Service, also used in the plural form, Multiple Listing Services. This is perhaps one of the most important tools when working with a Realtor® for selling a home or seeking a home to buy. The first MLS was created in the 1800s and for many decades, Realtors circulated printed catalogs of available real estate listings. Now the MLS is largely online, facilitating a much simpler understanding of the market, as well as easier and faster searches and sales. 

Understanding the Market in a Modern Real Estate World 

Our modern digital world has vastly improved a widespread sense of understanding the market. Approximately 580 regional MLS databases are accessible instantly to cooperating real estate brokers, allowing them to obtain data about available properties and make real-time updates. Brokers that both list properties for sale and who are seeking available properties for clients to purchase can easily share information and financial arrangements. 

These digital MLS databases contain all the available houses for sale by the affiliated brokers, including but not limited to: 

Pricing information

Contact information


Square footage

Layout diagrams 

Property history 

Seller disclosures

HOA regulations 

Property details 

Current property tax rate


Brokers that subscribe to their local MLS service can also subscribe to gain access to MLS databases in other regions. This allows them to help clients that wish to move into different regions. The data provided contributes to the realtor’s understanding of the market, allowing them to offer better advice to their clients.  

MLS listings do more than show who is selling a home and where. They provide valuable pricing information, trends in homes that sell quickly and do not sell easily, and more. Plus, this information is quickly available with just a few clicks, instead of flipping through dozens of pages in a catalog, or searching many different websites for online listings. 

Can the MLS Help Me with Selling a Home? 

The MLS service is a vital tool in your realtor’s toolbox to help you when selling a home. MLS effectively levels the playing field, regardless of where you live or the local real estate market. Small brokerages have equal access for listing homes for sale just like multi-state firms. Everyone has equal access to the largest listing of properties for sale in the marketplace. 

This places your home before hundreds or even thousands of realtors that represent many thousands of clients who are seeking a new home. Real estate professionals in other areas gain a better understanding of the market where your home is located, which helps them provide the best counsel to their clients about making a purchase. Selling a home has never been easier, especially with MLS databases being available online. 

Jeff Cook Real Estate handles MLS listings in the real estate markets of Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Rock Hill, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Charlotte, North Carolina, along with dozens of surrounding communities. Selling a home does not have to be the headache many believe it to be — Jeff Cook sees to that! His integrity and intensity result in most listings only spending 27 days on the market before selling. AND, Jeff’s clients receive 99.7% of their original asking price. 

Call us today at 855-HEY-JEFF or contact us online and ask about help with selling a home in the Carolinas. If you are seeking to buy a home in our area, no one has a better understanding of the market than Jeff. Call today and let us help you buy the perfect home! 

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