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Real Estate School Opportunities

Online Classes

These online, interactive courses teach you everything you’ll need to know to pass the real estate exam. You can take the courses at your own pace and according to your schedule. The final exam is taken at the end of the course in the presence of a proctor. With a 90% national student pass rate, our online courses are the smartest way to get your real estate license in South Carolina. Get your South Carolina real estate license online hassle-free! Visit JCREOnline.com to register today!

In-Person Classes

Charleston Real Estate School offers in-person real estate classes once a month in Summerville, SC. The real estate classes are completed in 2 weeks, making it the fastest real estate class in the Charleston area. These classes are kept small to keep the best interaction between students and instructor. Start real estate school today for $649! Visit CharlestonRealEstateSchool.com to register today!

Tuition Reimbursement 

That's right! If you join our company, we will give you up to $649 in credit to cover the cost of real estate school!*
*Close 3 deals in your first 6 months, OR close 8 deals in your first 12 months to get up to $649 in credit.

SC Licensing Checklist

Obtaining a real estate license can seem overwhelming. We have broken down this process into 9 simple steps, as well as the top resources to complete each step. Click below to download the checklist!

SC Basic Pre-Licensing Requirements

All applicants must be over 18, have a high school diploma/GED, and be eligible to work in the US.

1. Complete the commission approved pre-licensing course (Unit 1: Sales - 60 hour course).
2. Purchase and receive a copy of your criminal background check.
3. Complete and mail in the Exam Application For Real Estate - Salesperson, with:

  • Background check
  • $25 check or money order made payable to SCREC
  • Copy of driver’s license, state-issued ID, or passport
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Notarized verification of lawful presence
  • Real Estate School Certification for Unit 1: Sales (60 hour course)

4. Receive an Examination Eligibility Letter (valid for 1 year).
5. Prepare for the examination by using the PSI Real Estate Candidate Information Bulletin.
6. Complete the PSI Examination Registration Form and schedule your PSI Exam.
7. Receive passing scores for both the state and national exam portions.
8. Complete the post-licensing course (Unit 2: Advanced Real Estate Principles - 30 Hour).
*This can be done anytime after completing Unit 1, but, must be completed within 1 year of
passing the licensing exam*
9. Complete and mail in the Real Estate Salesperson License Application, with:

  • Broker-In-Charge signature and date, or “inactive”
  • Both the state and national passing score reports
  • Copy of certificate of completion for the 30 hour Unit 2 course
  • $50 check or money order made payable to SCREC