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Jeff Cook Real Estate provides leads, extensive training, personal mentors, and exceptional brand recognition.


Are you ready to find your future clients? With over 7,000 new active families reaching out to Jeff Cook Real Estate monthly, you are set up for success from DAY ONE. 


“Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game- It is the game.” - Jeff Cook
We believe that company culture is a main pillar that supports success and growth within our company. The relational atmosphere at Jeff Cook Real Estate extends beyond a friendly ‘hello’ in the mornings; here, you’re treated like family. 

Our agents and employees display a mutual respect for themselves and one another which gives Jeff Cook Real Estate the ability to launch our impact further than the competition. We seek solutions to the competitive issues within the real estate industry and strive towards innovation and efficiency. 


Jeff Cook Cares hopes to empower and uplift the lives of children and families right in our backyard. By partnering with local schools and non-profit organizations, we can make a significant difference in the lives of children and families in need of support in our communities.

As a company, Jeff Cook Real Estate sets aside 1% of the company-side commission to donate to current and future initiatives. By joining Jeff Cook Real Estate, you will have the opportunity to contribute to these initiatives and be an active participant and volunteer. We have partnered with over 140 organiziations and initiatives including Buy a Home Give a Home, backpack givebacks, school supply drives, A Day of Giving, Jeff's Pawty (partnering with local animal shelters), Chair The Love (supplying wheelchairs to underpriviledged families), weather-related relief efforts, Camp Happy Days, and more! 


TRAINUAL: Our online training component is user friendly and required for any agent that is wanting access to the JCRE referral system. Phone and live scripting and conversion training is offered for all agents.

AGENT MASTERY: Found within Trainual, agent mastery is a three-step, six-week process.


Covers all the information needed to teach the agent how to acquire a client (scripting, conversion, database
management, buyer presentation, open houses).


Trains agents on tools that help the agent work more efficiently (skyslope, dochub, digisign).


Agents will walk through three different buyer scenarios from contract to close. This is a mock scenario that has
the agent take fake buyers, use the MLS to find a home, write a contract, negotiate, ratify, view a mock home
inspection, write a repair addendum, review a mock CL-100, and practice the closing process.

ONE-ON-ONES AND MENTORSHIPS: Managers and mentors are available to all agents in our company to motivate, inspire and challenge you to reach your real estate goals.


Jeff Cook Real Estate has grown to become a household name for families living in the Carolinas. Our agents enjoy a 40% higher conversion rate because of Jeff Cook Real Estate’s impressive brand recognition. Four out of ten clients cited that they chose to do business with Jeff Cook Real Estate because of our marketing. With that kind of marketing and your sphere of influence, your success is guaranteed. 

Jeff Cook Real Estate provides leads, extensive training, personal mentors, and exceptional brand recognition.

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