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Your First Paycheck

On average it takes about 270 days for a real estate agent to complete their first closing and cash in their first paycheck. With Jeff Cook Real Estate, you'll receive your first paycheck in an average of 77 days or less!

Don’t assume that hanging your license at any real estate brokerage will guarantee your success. 40% of real estate agents didn’t have a single closing last year.

With Jeff Cook Real Estate, the opportunities are endless. Our agents have the option of being immersed in a 90-Day Success Program to give them the best foundation for a flourishing career in real estate.

Day 1

JCRE AGENT: The Jeff Cook Real Estate agent has access to a database filled with leads to begin working immediately. By the end of the first day, a Jeff Cook Real Estate agent can have multiple appointments set up to meet with potential clients.
THE OTHER GUYS: An average agent at another brokerage will struggle to find good leads to connect with. This agent receives little to no training and will end their first day with zero leads.

Day 10

JCRE AGENT: After a little over a week at Jeff Cook Real Estate, the new agent will feel fully supported because of the unmatchable company culture. Sales managers are rooting for the agent's success and are always available to answer their questions.
THE OTHER GUYS: Meanwhile, the agent at another brokerage is competing with their coworkers for leads that come in. An unhealthy work environment leads to the new agent feeling discouraged and pushed aside.

Day 30

JCRE AGENT: By day 30, the Jeff Cook Real Estate agent has landed several clients within the first few weeks. After moving forward efficiently, thanks to having the time to focus on the client’s needs, a couple of those clients are ready to buy!
THE OTHER GUYS: At another brokerage, the average agent will waste their money on marketing themselves to leads who just ‘aren’t ready’ to move yet.

Day 75

JCRE AGENT: After over 2 months in the real estate industry, the Jeff Cook Real Estate agent feels capable and confident to best serve the clients. The agents at Jeff Cook Real Estate are stepping in to serve the clients that other brokerages weren't able to efficiently service.
THE OTHER GUYS: The agent at a different brokerage is constantly running into obstacles from their lack of training and administrative support. This trickles down to the clients who are leaving to sell their home faster and for more money with Jeff Cook Real Estate.

Day 90

JCRE AGENT: After 3 months of hard work, the Jeff Cook Real Estate agent has successfully closed on multiple deals and received multiple commission checks!
THE OTHER GUYS: Now, 3 months into their career in real estate, the agent has grown frustrated with their lack of results and is now considering getting a part-time job to make ends meet.

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