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Protect Your Assets with a Land Trust

A land trust is formed by recording an instrument, usually a deed, which transfers an interest in
real estate to a named trustee. The trustee holds title to the real estate on behalf of one or
more beneficiaries, who are not named in the recorded instrument. A separate land trust
agreement is usually signed by everyone to spell out the trustee’s role and duties. These duties
are very few — the trustee holds the title but makes no decisions affecting the property except as
directed by the beneficiaries

Using a Land Trust to hold title to your real property can make ownership a private matter. The
county public records will show only the name of the trustee of the land trust – not the name of
the beneficiary.

Benefits of a Land Trust

  • With a land trust, if you want to transfer your rights to the property to another person, you simply assign them as the beneficiary
  • A land trust is simple, instead of a will, the owner can simply name a new beneficiary to the trust, and bypass the probate process
  • Allows you to take tax deductions as a beneficiary. If you are a beneficiary of a Land Trust, you may receive a prorated portion of any allowed depreciation

Land Trust

Using a Corporate Trustee, rather than a family member or friend, adds another layer of protection, privacy, and confidentiality. Through the documents that set up your trust, you remain in complete control as the beneficial owner and the property will be managed by you or by your agent.

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